About Us



We have a second website with further newsletter and Photos 


               which has not changed our policies of assisitng members with disabilities or those wanting a hobby and Ladies are still welcomed to share their skills or learn new skills ,

We are in talks with Australian Menshed to join them



We have a workshop at Challenge Employment & Training  

 Westfalen Parkland facility,  Collingwood Park, Redbank

Open Tuesdays,Wednesday & Fridays 8-30am - 11-00 Am (later by arrangement)

We may be-able to arrange other days for parties of 8 to 10 (not Saturdays or Sundays) due to Challenge is closed and we are unable to access the grounds



We now operate as a shed on Wednesday and Friday where any kind of projects can be carried out in the workshop  in agreement with the management 

Tuesday is a instruction  day in wood turnig and other wood crafts. 

What do we do 

We help clients with disabilities, either mental or physical to be part of the community and to have a skill./hobby

Help those wishing to gain their confidence which helps them get back into  the workforce.

Plus others in need.

People wishing to gain a hobby are welcome.

Our group is open to both, male  &  female.


All Wood Machines are used on a first come basis, wood may be purchased, tools are supplied
Please Note, Some Machines can not be used with out a supervisor's permission, 

Wood workingis relaxing

We are fully insured and carry Blue Cards ( Children over 12 in the workshop Note. we are not a child minding group) 

If you have any woodworking skills and would like to join us, and share your knowlege with
others, you will be most welcome.
It is advisable to wear old clothes. High neck covered T/shirt, 
covered footwear is a must

We endever to supply all safety equipment , Face Shields, Dust Mask Etc, we ask them to be worn and we reserve the right to refuse anyone who will not wear them when requested , the use of  any machine,  

We would like to venture into all types of wood crafts we have some machinery to do this but need people with skills in Carpentry, Pyrography, Box making Toy Making Etc, come and join us pass your knowledge to others, help develope a mens shed