October 2015

We have a second website with further newsletter and Photos 

October/November 2015

We have just completed a project for Goodna Youth, making 10 mediam size collection Boxes with Goodna boys help. 



We would like to welcome the new members who have joined the group this year (2015)


August / September 2015

Over the last few months we have purchase a new general scroll saw, and have the large thicknesser modernised  by Gregorys. it now has a spiral cutter , new switch box and lead with a 15 amp plug, we also have a dovetail machine  all this we done from a grant from the Goodna RSL< 


This year (2015)  This year the group has made visits to Ipswich Woodcraft Club (2) and have invites from Bayside and others. we shall endevour to to arrange  to visit them soon, we also had a presentation from Bernie Rippoll for our volunteer work to various youth organisations also I (David Bird) stepped down as President and will still be active in the club but illness took its toll, Other Groups we have visited are Bayside wood  club 


January 2014

We Have two new members Bob & Denis , we would like to welcome you both into the Grumpygrandpa's


 LATEST PROJECT January/February 2014


       We are at present refubishing a pre-school's childrens furniture, the school is at Collingwood Park Redbank. so far we have rubbed back a set of port storage shelves and two tables and resprayed then we are now doing 4 chairs and 3 more storage units , we are hoping we can get a donation of Paint from British Paints as we would like to paint them in bright colours and not the old varnish that was on them , we also made 4 hobby horse for the children to play with. 



Due to illness the site has been negleted for some time, we will now make an effort to update it,  


Due to the redevelopment of the Challenge Employment & Training the management wish us to move to a new area with in the site, the recent donations we have received to purchase a dust extactor system will have to be held back until we know what we are doing, it would be a waste of the money to go ahead then have to dismantle it all, the donating sections have been informed , 


On June the 20th at 6.45 am we were invited to Breakfast with Ipswiich Rotory. during the breakfast  Dave white and myself were presented with a cheque for $2.000. and shortly after that presitaion we were given another chech for $1.000, both Dave and I were gob-smacked, we now have $5.000 plus for our Dust Extractors  thanks to Rotory and Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.          

We have started to build and fit the shelving into the containers of the Giving With love group. this project should be finished with in a month or two as we are doing this in what spare time we have 


On the 6th of Jun we gave a speach at the Camira & Goodna  Probus Group we had a donation of $50. 00 from a lovely couple , which some of it has been spent on Dust masks the rest will go towards polish which we are running low, 


7th -June 2012, 

Updates:  Shed has been built and is having shelving fitted inside to allow us to store much more.

We have won two Grants:1st, from the Ipswich Rotary who have kindly donated $2.000, towards our aim to fit dust extractors in the workshop, 2nd Grant is from the Mayoy's community aid fund which with the first grant will allow us to purchase the 1st extractor and the parts with a little left over to go towards the 2nd extractor   


16, 05, 2012 

with the base of the shed laid it was the start of building the 3x2.50 mtr Shed at the back of the workshop so far the four walls are up and the bracing struts for the roof , the work will resume next week so it should be finished by next Friday, 


we have been lucky to be presented with a grant of $2.000, from Ipswich Rotary we will be able to collect this at the next Rotary Breakfast at the 20th June 2012


we have won a grant for our group  of $2.807.00. this is for the purchase of Safety Face shields Safety Dusk M asks, a Trailer to transport our gear to festivals/fates etc, Marquee, 3X3, Tables and a  Wood Lathe, we would like to thank the ladies for their help in securing this grant.


Cyclone Dust Extractor

Katrina McKenzie, manager of Challenge Westfalen, has obtained on our behalf, a Cyclone dust extractor from a local school it is a very large unit and will serve our workshed very well, it has been well use but in excellent condition. its a policy of the school to renew machinary every so often, this machine comes with pipes and fittings, leaving us with very little to buy, to Katrina and the Peter Claver School, many thanks , we Are very grateful. Update, Felicity Hill'd Husband has offered to collect the motor.filter section, we have already managed to collect the cyclone section with the help of Andrew of Challenge.  update this cyclone has proved to be too costly to repair and install, so it has been scrapped.


Rosewood State School Festival 


Warren Kane, Kim Hodges and David Bird held a demo as part of the Rosewood festival in the grounds of the School. there must have been a few hundred people there, we had a great time and had a few budding woodturners try their hand on the lathe. including ladies as well as children, we  also had a lovely veiw of the parade as it snake through the dozen of stalls , and amusement rides. the day was windy but stayed sunny, the show ended at 5 pm and we packed up and headed for home about an hour away, 


Redbank Plain's State School

Mondayday 29th August 2011.  we had 8 boys from Redbank State School to have a go at wood turning. they arrived around 10am and after a introduction talk each we allocated a lathe and a piece of wood . and the lessons started with them getting to know the tools and how to use them, we had a short break for refreshments then 12.30 we stopped for lunch after lunch the boys continued to finish off the projects, they had a choice of a candle stick, Dibber for the garden and a couple made small base ball bats with permission of their teacher we finished the day around 2.30 pm  we all had a great time , 


The Grumpygrandpa's in July 2011 have been granted Associated membership of MENSHEDS Australia ltd.

, a not for profit Public Company. Improving the health and well being of men, this can only improve our group for the future  

Menshed Au Certificate .jpg (121,9 kB)    

Wednesday the 27th July  we were entertained by a group of Ladies who called themselves "The Red Hatters" 12 of them arrived to have a go at woodturning we had the machines but not the manpower just Kim, Col & myself, these lovely Ladies all had a go and with our help they managed to make an item for them to take home. They also visited the Giving with Love group who are in the next workshop to ours, the G.W.L.G. Ladies made them very welcome and served up plenty of refreshments (Thanks Ladies) I think this will be the first of many visit of the Red Hatters and they are welcomed to return anytime,  David Bird, 



Four Members of the "Grumpygrandpa's" along with four members of our Sister Group "The Giving With Love Group" have been invited to a lunch at the Civic Centre Ipswich as guest of the Mayor Paul Pisasale in aid of Ipswich Cares in partnership with Compassion Australia  this is on the 24th August 2011,   


We are at present, refurbishing six childrens cycles, these are new but suffered the January floods, Member for Oxley Bernie Ripoll MP, asked if we could make then fit for the kids to use and would we pass them on to the Giving With Love Group to find them a new home all bikes will be stripped cleaned and oiled to date 4 have been completed 1 has a chain problem and the last one is waiting for us to work on it, Bernie delivered them last Tuesday of July 2011

Update all cycles have now been presented to their new owners, August / September 2011


On the 29th of October we attended the Bunnings Community Fun day at Booval around 20 other groups were represented, it was to display to the public how each of us serve the community, we had live entertainment, a disc jockey, funfair rides and Ekka type snacks, pop corn, fairyfloss and flavoured ice slush, sausage sizzle and a tea and sandwich stall, Entertainment was , dancing school, the firemen SES and Police

and I might say, Bunnings Staff who were great, at the end of the day there was a raffle , each stall had a ticket placed in a large box and when it was drawn over 3 groups won $500. for their group, Mayor Paul Pisasale opened the show with one of his great speaches and Petero Civoniceva of the Bronco's  signed caps, Photos all day , when we packed up Bunning told everyone that the new gazebo's over each stall was a gift and pack it up to take it with us they also presented us with $100, gift card, 

To Th staff at Bunnings we say thank you for your welcome and help, 






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